Politics! Oh the Joy!

As we embark on this beautiful journey to fill out our ballots and figure out what in the world we are voting for I thought perhaps a brush up on the definitions of censorship and caucus would be helpful. I’m almost sure we have all heard of censorship, the definition is: suppression of published or broadcast material: the suppression of all or part of a play, movie, letter, or publication considered offensive or a threat to security. In layman’s terms it means that a person is bullied into keeping silence on a controversial subject by either a corporation or a powerful person.

Which takes me to the next word caucus…now you’re probably thinking what?! Caucus is defined as a political meeting: a closed meeting of people from one political party, especially a local meeting to select delegates or candidates. I myself didn’t know what this meant until recently, a perfect example to make sense of this is to think of it like this “It is pretty much grown men talking politics, it’s like high school. Whoever is more popular pretty much gets their way.

I hope this was helpful and now that you are more informed go on your way and fill out your ballot with confidence! Don’t forget to mail it in by August 7!


About Tania

I enjoy reading anything by George Orwell. Favorite color is green, I love giraffes and love coffee.
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