What’s up with the sky? I-1240!!

“Is that a bird? Is that a plane? No it’s Superman!” Well this time it’s not Superman its I-1240 aka Charter Schools. This November we will have the opportunity to approve or deny charter schools. Charter schools are a difficult choice especially if you don’t have children, I mean are we improving school or are we making it worse? Oh, what a choice!! But before we make any rash decisions it might be helpful to know the pros and cons!

Word on the street says ABCs are still “a-go” in said charter schools.

Pros! Charter schools allow for smaller classes and more individual attention to students. Students develop basic needs they need for high school and college like arithmetic and reading. Charter schools are public, so any student has the chance to be accepted. Bill Gates is a big time supporter giving a large amount of money!!

Cons! Charter schools do not have enough room for every student that is in need of individual attention. The way charter schools chose their students is like a lottery, kind of like the movie Waiting for Superman. Even though these charter schools are privately funded the government will also be funding their schools, meaning that they take money away from other public schools.

Charter schools – death sentence for public schools?

Well… the choice is yours!


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I enjoy reading anything by George Orwell. Favorite color is green, I love giraffes and love coffee.
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